Problem with the same custom element multiple times

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> Hi !
> My element (TetrysElement) adds redundancy (linear combination between
> packets) and adds a header (to distinguish each packet during the
> reception).
> But, I have to "break" the structure of the GstBuffer in the chain loop to
> send the data to another module. When the module has finished, he sends
> back
> in a callback function the data with header and the redundancy packet. Then
> I create a new GstBuffer that I fill with this and I send it to the next
> element. But during this 'travel', I have lost the timestamps information.
> Do you know how can I have it back ?
> I don't see how this is even a problem. You can solve this any number of
ways, by just including the timestamp data in the round trip. This could be
any one of

a) Send the GstBuffer to the redundancy module, and it builds and returns a
GstBuffer with the new data and timestamps transferred over. (this is what
I would do).

b) Include the timestamps in the raw data you send to the redundancy
module, and have it return them in its callback.

c) Hold onto the original buffer and its data until the callback, associate
them somehow, and build a new GstBuffer using the saved data and the
callback data.  I would only recommend this if the redundancy module is an
opaque library with a bad interface (ie, no round trip of user data).

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