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Ah - I see what happened. I had installed 1.6.0 on top of 1.4.5, and it looks like some of the header files didn't get updated (moved locations between versions is my guess). I did a clean install of 1.6.0 and I see the change now.

Thanks for the quick responses, much appreciated!

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On 01/10/15 06:45, Gordon Nickel wrote:

Thanks for the tip Matt. I compiled with the preprocessor output, and didn't notice anything glaring in the output file (the macros in question looks like they were parsed correctly).

To eliminate any project-specific setup issues, I started a brand new Win32 project in VS2013 and VS2010, included <gst/gl/gl.h> (along with relevant incude paths), and it produced identical syntax errors. If I mouse over the GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION (which has the red syntax-error squiggles underneath it), VS shows: "Error: a calling convention may not be followed by a nested declarator. " Investigating that further, I changed the following in gstglapi.h:

#define GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION(ret, name, args) \
         ret GSTGLAPI (*name) args;


#define GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION(ret, name, args) \
         ret GSTGLAPI name args;

Which was able to build and run using gl elements in gstreamer (glupload, glfilterblur, glimagesink). GSTGLAPI eventually points to _stdcall, so I'm guessing Visual Studio's compiler doesn't like the pointer syntax for __stdcall?

Hmm, it looks like that's already been fixed in 1.6 which you may want to upgrade too.  See It's also fixed in the 1.4 branch but not in a stable release there yet

- Gordon

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On 30/09/15 10:38, Gordon Nickel wrote:


I'm attempting to use the gl api for playback in a C++ app, and getting a wall of compile errors when I include gst/gl/gl.h using 1.6.0 in Windows with VS2013. The error is:

1>c:\gstreamer\1.0\x86\include\gstreamer-1.0\gst\gl\glprototypes\base.h(51): error C2059: syntax error : '('
1>c:\gstreamer\1.0\x86\include\gstreamer-1.0\gst\gl\glprototypes\base.h(51): error C2238: unexpected token(s) preceding ';'

Which points to this line (and every other line using GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION):

GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, BindTexture,
                     (GLenum target, GLuint texture))

I've double-checked all the include paths - is there something I'm missing?

Nothing comes to mind off the top of my head.  A simple c++ application that just performs #include <gst/gl/gl.h> works with both g++ and gcc fine so I'm not sure what the problem could be without seeing code/more errors.  Of course the real error could be somewhere else that's confusing the preprocessor into generating bad code. You could try examining the preprocessor's output see



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