glimagesink : lockup when using overlay and going back to ready state

philippe renon philippe_renon at
Mon Oct 5 05:31:05 PDT 2015

That would explain the deadlock while destroying the windows.
But the destroy should not happen as the sink does not own the window.The windows is created and owned by my Qt application. So Qt is probably doing stuff with it (like un-pressing the button that triggered the pipeline state change in the first place.
If the destroy did succeed, I would not be too happy as it would take my app down ;)
I think some resize lead to a similar deadlock because the sink tries to mess with the windows, that it does not own, and this behind the back to the Qt app that does own it. 

     Le Lundi 5 octobre 2015 13h24, Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas.dufresne at> a écrit :

 Le lundi 05 octobre 2015 à 11:07 +0000, philippe renon a écrit :
> Other sinks, like the d3d image sink for instance, have a boolean
> flag that make it explicit whether the sink owns the windows (and
> can/should destroy it, etc...) or not.

I'm not sure this is related. On Windows, there is certain operation
that leads to deadlock if the you are currently destroying the window
(regardless if it's GStreamer of your application doing so). This seems
to be the case if a resize, a key or a mouse event is received during
that moment. We could not find the details from the documentation.


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