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Tim Müller tim at
Mon Apr 4 08:47:21 UTC 2016

On Sat, 2016-04-02 at 23:20 -0700, RAJensen wrote:


> I have one Gst-pipeline running with a tcpserversink to a
> tcpclientsrc
> running from command-line and it will work with this launch-cmd:
> gst-launch-1.0 tcpclientsrc ! host= port=9001 ! gdpdepay
> !
> rtph264depay ! h264parse ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! autovideosink
> Video caps are being set at serverside.
> I have then tried to make that lanch into a Python-script.
> But for some reason that i can't figure out, when the script is
> executet
> i'll get Gst-masssage:
> /GstPipeline:player/GstTCPClientSrc:tcpclientsrc_1:
> streaming task paused, reason not-linked (-1)

The problem is that decodebin does not have any source pads yet when
the pipeline is built, so this

will fail (check return value), and you also don't link it later in
response to the "pad-added" signal.

The easiest way for now might be to just hard-code an H264 decoder such
as avdec_h264.

Alternatively, connect to the "pad-added" signal and link in the
callback when it gets called (see 'dynamic pads' section in docs).


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