androidmedia (amc) plugin not able to access Hardware codecs for Android 5.0 and Higher

Chikkamath urchikkamath at
Tue Apr 5 16:34:04 UTC 2016

Hi Sebastian,
With gstreamer release 1.7.90 we are able to access hardware codecs on
Android 5.0 versions. However our QA found playback issue of media file.
Media file generated from gstreamer pipeline will playback smoothly on
native player of the device. Here testing device is Samsung Galaxy S4 (Model
GT-I9506) but other apps failed to playback the media file for example
Google Photos. After debugging it has been found that issue isn't with
pipeline but it's related to NALU syntax of video stream generated by
Hardware encoder.To confirm this earlier hardware encoder (gstreamer release
1.4) has bitstream syntax where as we can find SPS followed by PPS and
CODED_SLICE_IDR and with gstreamer release 1.7.90 we can observe repeated
SPS, PPS in first NALU unit i.e AvcSample(0) NALU unit has SPS followed by
PPS again SPS followed PPS then CODED_SLICE_IDR. Decoder suppose to ignore
repeated SPS and PPS parameters. This could be one of reason gstreamer
1.7.90 Video stream could be not playback with Google Photos app and also
failed to playback with most of other apps. 


For your reference I've attached the screen shot of ISO-VIEWER 

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