Typefind blocking

Hoel Vasseur hoel.vasseur at openwide.fr
Fri Apr 15 13:43:33 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

I have an application with three pipelines: 

1/ v4l2src ! openjpegenc ! rtpj2kpay ! udpsink multicastaddr=multi1

2/ udpsrc ! openpegdec ! appsink

3/ appsrc ! rtpvrawpay ! udpsrc  multicastaddr=multi2

First pipeline streams using JPEG2000 to the network, this steam is received in pipeline 2 through updsrc, and I would like to decode the stream to stream it onto an new mutlicast address with no encoding.

I need to retrieve the caps of the stream after each encoder/decoder and each rtp payloader so I can filled a database and generate SDP files.
I am trying to use the typefind element to retrieve the caps as follows:

v4l2src ! openjpegenc ! typefind ! fakesink 
v4l2src ! openjpegenc ! rtpj2kpay! typefind ! fakesink 
v4l2src ! openjpegenc ! rtpj2kpay ! udpsink multicastaddr=multi1

And so on.

However, in pipeline 3 I am not able to run the typefind element after appsrc. It simply blocks. 

Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

Thanks in advance, 


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