SoupHttpSrc and MJPEG Source

RobAtBCIS rheatherly at
Fri Apr 15 15:58:36 UTC 2016

I have an Http MJPEG Source that is providing video to my pipeline.
SoupHttpSrc ! MultipartDemux ! JpegDec ! AutoVideoSink

If the video has movement then no issue at all, the video will keep up like
However when the Source notices no movement it will stop sending MJPEG
frames and then when movement come back it will begin again.
The AutoVideoSink will not pick back up showing the new movement.
It can take 5-10 seconds before the video will show 'live' again and all the
movement within that time is never shown.
I know the Source is sending the new frames because their Web Browser picks
up the new video changes.
Wireshark also show the receiving of the packets

I have tried most of the settings but no combination works.
  * is-live
  * do-timestamp
  * keep-alive
  * tried reducing the blocksize
  * single-stream

I just updated to 1.8 from 1.6.3 to see if it would help but it did not.

Any other options to stream an HTTP MJPEG Source.  This source requires
cookies, authorization and other settings that the SOUP can handle (multiple
extra-headers entries).
Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

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