SoupHttpSrc and MJPEG Source

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Apr 18 07:03:09 UTC 2016

On Fr, 2016-04-15 at 08:58 -0700, RobAtBCIS wrote:
> I have an Http MJPEG Source that is providing video to my pipeline.
> SoupHttpSrc ! MultipartDemux ! JpegDec ! AutoVideoSink
> If the video has movement then no issue at all, the video will keep up like
> expected.
> However when the Source notices no movement it will stop sending MJPEG
> frames and then when movement come back it will begin again.
> The AutoVideoSink will not pick back up showing the new movement.
> It can take 5-10 seconds before the video will show 'live' again and all the
> movement within that time is never shown.
> I know the Source is sending the new frames because their Web Browser picks
> up the new video changes.
> Wireshark also show the receiving of the packets

Can you run with a fakesink silent=false and the -v flag on gst-launch-
1.0? This is most likely a timestamp problem, for each frame a
continuous timestamp is probably created which then makes all the
frames after the pausing be too late.

Using sync=false on the video sink should work as a workaround, but
that's not really a solution and has other problems in general. Can you
report this in bugzilla too?

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd ·

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