Re: Errors on secured GstRtspServer with prococols” GST_RTSP_LOWER_TRANS_TCP

marc lievens mark.lievens at
Mon Apr 18 10:29:00 UTC 2016

Hi Sebastian,

I not familiar with this mater can you more specific about your question or
info wanted.

I used the Gstreammer example test-video.c without any modification, also
the certificate is left as is.
The client pipeline is rtspsrc location=rtsps://
user-id=user user-pw=password1 name=rtspsrc ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 !
videoconvert ! autovideosink"
The client rtspsrc property "tls-validation-flags" is set to enum

In this case I receive video but also some warnings:
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:2943:gst_base_src_loop<udpsrc2> error internal data
flow error.
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:2943:gst_base_src_loop<udpsrc2> error streaming task
paused, reason not linked -1

But since I want communication via Tcp/Ip  I changed next:
When I set the client rtspsrc property "protocols" to
GST_RTSP_LOWER_TRANS_TCP then no video is received, on msg bus error
received (internal data flow error) and logged info is:
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:5523:gst_rtspsrc_loop<rtspsrc> error internal data
flow error.
basesrc gstbasesrc.c:5523:st_rtspsrc_loop<rtspsrc>> error streaming task
paused, reason not-negotiated(-4)

[image: Inline afbeelding 1]

Any help is welkom

2016-04-18 9:11 GMT+02:00 Sebastian Dröge <sebastian at>:

> On Fr, 2016-04-15 at 07:21 +0100, marc lievens wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I can stream video from GstRtspServer ( example test-video.c) with
> certificate and user/password to client when the  “prococols” property are
> left default on client and server.
> > But when I set in client the ““prococols” property to
> GST_RTSP_LOWER_TRANS_TCP, then I get the following errors:
> >
> > Rtstsrc gstrtspsrc.c:5523: gst_rtspsrc_loop error: Internal data flow
> error>
> > gstrtspsrc.c(5523): gst_rtspsrc_loop ():
> /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRTSPSrc:rtspsrc:streaming task paused, reason
> not-negotiated (-4)
> > Error: Internal data flow error
> >
> > I did experiment with “protocols” setting on server/client and with
> protocol Rtsp and Rtsps, But I can’t get it working when protocol
> >
> > The client pipeline is rtspsrc location=rtsps://
> user-id=user user-pw=X name=Y ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert !
> autovideosink"
> > and "tls-validation-flags" is set G_TLS_CERTIFICATE_GENERIC_ERROR
> What are you setting the validation flags to? It probably means that
> the TLS certificate is not considered trusted, but needs more debug
> output to know for sure.
> Also your last comment suggests that this is unrelated to using the TCP
> protocol for the media but is a general problem with the RTSP
> connection.
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