Synchronizing frame data with visual processing metadata after a filesink

Diogo Rolo diogo.rolo at
Mon Apr 18 20:51:43 UTC 2016


I'm stabilizing a video using OpenCV in the appsink. At the same time I'm
saving the file via a filesink.
What I want to do is to reproduce the saved movie with the exact
information that I calculated in the first run. To do this I need an exact
match between saved frame data and computed stabilization transformations.

Currently, after computing the information I need, I save a txt file with
the stabilization transform and sample's buffer PTS.

Although, when reproducing the file, I have an offset between the saved
transformation data and PTS and the new reproducing PTS and the offset is
not quite constant throughout the whole reproduction.

Currently my pipeline is (simplified) as follows:
(Source connects to both appsink and filesink)

 Source --- Appsink
             -- Filesink

So, I have two main questions:

1) Is the PTS saved in the filesink equal to a PTS (to an offset) of that
file's reproduction?
2) How can I synchronize a saved video frame data with a reproduction of
the same file?

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