UDP and custom GSockets

debruyn debruynels1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 06:09:53 UTC 2016

Good day,

So I have been sitting with an issue for a while. The system I am developing
uses UDP elements (UDPSink and UDPSrc) to send an rtsp stream over a
network. Now the issue is I only have ONE port that I can use on the UDPSrc
side(Client side). I have multiple UDPSinks, from differant hosts. I need to
differentiate between the incoming pipes that are set up by the hosts.
Multicasting the addreses does work but it is not a valid solution as the
client will be on a webserver somewhere in the world. As multicast address
will most likely then be dropped on route to the client web server.

So I want to implement my own sockets on the UDP elements, as i think this
is the only solution. on the hosts I have set up my UDPSinks as follows
(Using C++ 11):
       GSocket * socketUDP = g_socket_new(G_SOCKET_FAMILY_IPV4,

	g_object_set (G_OBJECT (gstSink), "socket", socketUDP, NULL);

/*Set the sink elements' properties*/  

Now how can I access that same socket on the client side with UDPSrc, The
idea is that i want to use the Source IP and Source Port addresses of the
incoming connection. Please any help would be much appreciated


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