Bin missing basically everything

Edgar Thier edgar.thier at
Thu Apr 21 04:39:56 UTC 2016

I tried that multiple times with different names but sadly without success.
I removed the cache with
     rm ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.x86_64.bin
to be sure that no old information is used.

When now issuing
     gst-inspect-1.0 ~/work/project/build/src/gstreamer-1.0/
I get:

(gst-plugin-scanner:3814): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot register existing type 'ClutterGstVideoSink'

(gst-plugin-scanner:3814): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_type_add_interface_static: assertion 
'G_TYPE_IS_INSTANTIATABLE (instance_type)' failed

(gst-plugin-scanner:3814): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion 'result != 0' failed

(gst-plugin-scanner:3814): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_register: assertion 'g_type_is_a 
(type, GST_TYPE_ELEMENT)' failed
Plugin Details:
   Name                     tcambla
   Description              Tcam Video Bin
   Filename                 /home/XXXX/work/project/build/src/gstreamer-1.0/
   Version                  1.0.0
   License                  Proprietary
   Source module            tcam
   Binary package           tcambin
   Origin URL               url

   tcamsrc: Tcam Video Bin

   1 features:
   +-- 1 elements

I think there is something else going on, although I am not sure if those warnings really come from 
my plugin. All other plugins come from the debian testing repositories (current version 1.8.0-1+b1).

I will continue searching. If someone sees a fault, please say tell me.


On 04/20/2016 02:51 PM, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
> Le mercredi 20 avril 2016 à 10:43 +0200, Edgar Thier a écrit :
>> Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean.
>>   From my current understanding I have a plugin defining one element.
>> I was under the assumption that a plugin is basically a shared object
>> definition for an element and
>> nothing more.
> In GStreamer, a plugin represent a shared object. Each plugin can
> contain one of more features. An element, is a feature.
>> Since I am kind of lost:
>> What do I need to change?
>> I tried using other names in the plugin_init and GST_PLUGIN_DEFINE
>> but there seems to be something I
>> am consistently overlooking...
> Just make sure that you plugin name (third parameter of
> GST_PLUGIN_DEFINE and by convention the shared object name) differ from
> your feature name, that second parameter of gst_element_register()
> call. After that, gst-inspect-1.0 will be able to give you the details
> of both independently. The problem is that gst-inspect-1.0 uses that
> same namespace for both plugins and features, it's not ideal, but it's
> easy to workaround.
> Nicolas
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