udpsrc timeouts

Tim Müller tim at centricular.com
Thu Apr 21 16:32:17 UTC 2016

On Thu, 2016-04-21 at 07:25 -0700, jmandrell wrote:

Hi Jon,

> On my target we are running 1.6, and I see the same problem there. At
> the present time I am unable to upgrade past 1.6. Has anyone gotten
> udpsrc timeouts to work under 1.6?

 gst-launch-1.0 -m udpsrc timeout=750000000 ! fakesink silent=false

seems to work just fine for me in 1.4, 1.6 an 1.8.

I added three 0s to the timeout value, and also passed -m to gst-
launch-1.0 so it shows the messages posted (nicer than wading through
debug logs).

What operating system is this on? (I only tested 1.8 on Windows fwiw)

Tim Müller, Centricular Ltd - http://www.centricular.com

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