Restarting the pipeline after EOS / force stoping pipeline

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Fri Apr 22 04:14:16 UTC 2016

Nope, setting state to NULL should not throw anything.

Starting pipeline to PLAYING after EOS should also work, however I've
encountered awkward memory issues in the past if that happened multiple
times (probably due to memleak somewhere in some previous versions) so now
I rather tend to rebuild the pipeline anyway.


2016-04-21 20:52 GMT-07:00 Krutskikh Ivan <stein.hak at>:

> HI,
> Maybe that's a novice question, but how can I recover my pipeline (set it
> into Gst.State.READY and PLAYING) after it got a EOS event and was set into
> Gst.State.NULL?
> The only solution I found was to re-run the __init__ method of my class
> and start a new pipeline with the same properties. But that consumes time
> and results in lost video data in real time tasks.
> Another question is how to force a pipeline into Gst.State.NULL? Simple
> SetState throws exceptions on muxing elements, so only sending event EOS to
> the pipeline works. Is this an expected behavior?
> Thanks in advance!
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