How to query the GstSegment "rate"?

Andy Robinson andy at
Sat Apr 23 13:55:59 UTC 2016

GST 1.2.4 and subsequent, Windows, Mac, Linux.

I am using gst programmatically to play video.

I have a video (produced by other software) which was produced by 
slowing down a clip of originally 30 secs so now it plays for 60 secs, 
no problem, in GStreamer and QuickTime Player.

I find that it has a GstSegment specifying a "rate" of 0.5, so that is 
how the other software did the slowdown.

I find that when I want to seek using gst_element_seek_simple within 
this video I must use the pre-slowdown times, e.g. if I want to seek to 
the 40th second of the 60 second video, I must actually seek to a time 
of 20 secs, and also must make a similar adjustment to the values 
returned by gst_element_query_position.

This is not a problem but my question is, how should I obtain the 
segment rate? I imagine there must be some way of querying the pipeline 
for the rate once it is in paused state, but how?

Thanks in advance,
Andy Robinson, Seventh String Software,

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