How to query the GstSegment "rate"?

Andy Robinson andy at
Mon Apr 25 08:20:48 UTC 2016

On 25/04/16 07:21, Sebastian Dröge wrote:
> On Sa, 2016-04-23 at 14:55 +0100, Andy Robinson wrote:
>> I imagine there must be some way of querying the
>> pipeline for the rate once it is in paused state, but how?
> You could try the SEGMENT query, if something in your pipeline is
> answering it then it will contain the rate.
> But the bigger question is why you need to query the rate and don't
> know it already. In the end it was your code that was setting that
> exact rate via a seek :)
> Also what's the bigger picture here? Why do you want to convert from
> stream time to the scaled stream time by rate (which is not exactly the
> running time in general, but maybe you actually want the running
> time?)?

Even if I don't do any seek, a Segment event goes down the pipeline and 
it has a rate of 0.5 - I know this from putting diagnostics in the pipeline.

The file is here if you are interested:
It plays ok in Parole Media Player on Linux, or QuickTime on Mac. It's 
60 secs long and was produced, using QuickTime, by slowing down a 30 sec 
clip to half speed.

When I play it in my app, I find that when I want to seek using 
gst_element_seek_simple within this video I must use the pre-slowdown 
times, e.g. if I want to seek to the 40th second of the 60 second video, 
I must actually seek to a time of 20 secs, and also must make a similar 
adjustment to the values returned by gst_element_query_position.

It seems to me that I need to get that 0.5 rate number and use it as a 
multiplier when I call gst_element_seek_simple but if there is a better 
way, please advise me.

Of course, maybe the file is simply erroneous, illegal, though it does 
play ok in some (not all) players.

Andy Robinson, Seventh String Software,

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