omxh264dec leaks frame on raspberry pi

Shrishty Deorari shrishty.deorari at
Wed Aug 2 15:28:19 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have build gstreamer on raspberry pi 3 and using omxh264enc and
omxh264dec for encoding and decoding video frames.

Sample Pipeline which I am using is something like this :
*gst-launch-1.0 --gst-debug=videodecoder:7  rtspsrc
<admin%3Atest1234 at>"  ! rtpjitterbuffer ! rtph264depay !
h264parse !  omxh264dec  ! video/x-raw,format=I420 !  videoscale !
videorate ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=480,framerate=15/1 ! queue !
videoconvert ! queue ! omxh264enc control-rate=1 target-bitrate=512000
inline-header=1 inline-au-delimiter=1 periodicty-idr=30
interval-intraframes=120 !  queue ! h264parse config-interval=1 ! mpegtsmux
!  tcpserversink host= port=21000*

I need to use omxh264dec and omxh264enc together in same pipeline.

The issue I am facing is : Out of the 3 time once the omxh264dec fails to
decode the video frame. On increasing the debug level I saw the following
logs continuously:

*0:00:00.033333333 size 61460:00:10.505368712 10904   0x63ae30
LOG             videodecoder
Created new frame 0x69a83348 (sfn:302)*

*0:00:10.505542566 10904   0x63ae30 LOG             videodecoder
PTS 0:00:10.103868981, DTS 0:00:10.1077463940:00:10.505659493 10904
0x63ae30 LOG             videodecoder
dist 3020:00:10.505808139 10904   0x63ae30 DEBUG           videodecoder
**decoder frame list getting long: 302 frames,possible internal leaking?*

How can I resolve this issue?

*gstreamer Version 1.8.0*
*gst- omx version -- 1.10.2*

*With Warm Regards,*

Shrishty Deorari
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