Question about gstreamer in python

RonRog roneyrogerio92 at
Sat Aug 5 09:14:20 UTC 2017

This is my first day learning how to deal with Gstreamer , I am testing how
it can handle live inputs from several different protocols and segment them,
I think maybe it was not created for this, but to some extent it works the
way excellent.

I do not know if this is the best place to heal my doubts, so let me know.

In the following example you might notice a commented line, two pipelines,
the one with the rtmp entry, works wonderfully well, the second pepiline,
hls, for some reason does not call the on_element function with the
GstMultiFileSink value, only adaptive-streaming-statistics.

Apparently the problem with pipeline hls starts in "self.pipeline.set_state
(Gst.State.PAUSED)" the code returns me a warning:

Warning: g_object_new_valist: object class 'SoupSession' has no property
named 'tls-interaction'
   Self.pipeline.set_state (Gst.State.PAUSED)

Another fact is that apparently if the video was not paused in the previous
stage, more down in "self.pipeline.send_event" had no effect.

What can I do to make "self.pipeline.send_event" work with hls?

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