can I add a new input pad to a running audiomixer?

Andres Gonzalez andres.agoralabs at
Fri Aug 11 15:13:23 UTC 2017

Thank you for your response  Sebastian.

I worked around this so as to not need to add the pad to a  running
audiomixer. For the sake of future viewers of this post, this is what I did
to support adding/removing dynamic inputs to a running audiomixer  pipeline.

When the audiomixer is created, I allocate an extra input pad specifically
for dynamic inputs and set its volume to 0.0 and muted. In my case, this
audiomixer also has some other default inputs configured for live decklink
SDI audio. But the audiomixer ends up being created with an extra input pad
that is initially muted.  When I want a "new input" to the audiomixer, I
unmute that  previously allocated pad, set its desired volume, and start
feeding it audio data. When I want to "remove" that audiomixer input, I mute
its pad and stop feeding it with data.  All of the input pads have an appsrc
before them, so as far as the audiomixer is concerned, all input pads are
configured as live.  This way I can feed the audiomixer with a combination
of live and non-live data sources because the audiomixer is essentially a
separate pipeline from all of its inputs. This design allows me to mix audio
from decklink SDI live feeds and MP3 files without having to deal with the
live/non-live issues in the audiomixer.


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