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Sun Aug 13 15:03:37 UTC 2017

Hello Nicolas,

Thanks for your answer. I was able to find all the payloaders that I need, but my main dificulty is to find the matching encoder for each of the payloaders.

Is there a documentation for this and for the properly configurations of the enconders? I'm not finding too much material about it.

Thanks again.

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Le mercredi 09 août 2017 à 12:50 +0000, Michael Smith a écrit :
> I found in the plugins list that gstreamer has the plugins for all of
> these codecs. But how can I find the right playbins for each one of
> them? Is there a documentation of how to change the playbins or a
> list of playbins for these codecs?

Please don't confuse playbin from a pipeline. In your case, you are
creating static pipelines. To build your pipelines, you need to
understand what you are doing. If you look closely, you'll notice that
all your pipelines have the same patter:

  source ! converters ! encoder ! payloader ! udpsink

So what you need to find is the matching encoder and payloader for each
format you want. To get a list of payloader/depayloader support on your
target you can run:

  gst-inspect-1.0 rtp

Dont' forget to properly configure the encoders for RTP streaming, not
all encoder have default configuration that are suitable.

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