QtGstreamer and Probes

Quentin quentin.pantostier at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 09:09:24 UTC 2017


I am trying to add dynamic change to an functionnal pipeline, made with
QtGstreamer, thanks to the methode explain in gstreamer documentation (using
gst_pad_add_probe). But there is no probes in QTGstreamer. As a replacement
i try to use the refpointer properties and convert my element to gstreamer.
I wanted to keep the converted pointer in a structure that i give to the
callback function, and when pipeline modifications are made save the change
by reconverting the pointer.

I know how to convert from gstreamer to QtGstreamer (wrap function) but i am
not sure for the other convertion. I don't understand how to use the 
"QGlib::RefPointer< T >::operator typename T::CType * ( ) 	const" function
find in the refpointer documentation. And when i search in the mailing list,
I found this old post:

>But if you really really want a GstBuffer*, then
>you can just get it implicitly from a smart pointer:
>QGst::BufferPtr bufferptr;
>GstBuffer *b = bufferptr; 

I try to use this method and it seems to work for pad but not for pipeline
may be because pipeline are QGst::PipelinePtr in QtGstreamer and gstElement*
in gstreamer. 
So do i have to statically cast the pipelinePtr to ElementPtr and then use
the smart pointer?
What is the best way to convert from QtGstreamer to gstreamer in general? 
Is there an other way to use dynamic change with QtGstreamer?

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