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testermax joachim.leite at
Tue Aug 22 13:51:02 UTC 2017

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your tip regarding the playbin and the prepare-window-handle

My goal is to have a lean implementation,with as few dependencies as
possible, while
being notified when the stream is interupted, or other errors occurs, and be
able to resume when the stream is back.

Is this possible while only depend on gst library?

My code so far...

 public GstreamPlayer()

            Loaded += *GstreamPlayer_Loaded;*
            // Initialize Gstreamer
            // Enable detailed debug info from Gstreamer

            // Setup Playbin element
            _playbin = ElementFactory.Make("playbin", "playbin");

        // Get winform control (panel) handle
        private void *GstreamPlayer_Loaded*(object sender, RoutedEventArgs
            // Playbin implements GstVideoOverlay interface,
prepare-window-handle not neccessary
            _videoDisplayHandle = (ulong)VideoDisplay.Handle;
            _adapter = new VideoOverlayAdapter(_playbin.Handle) {
WindowHandle = _videoDisplayHandle };

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