decreasing equalizer-10bands band0(29 Hz) boosts a 60 Hz test signal

wellington wallace wellingtonwallace at
Mon May 15 02:26:18 UTC 2017


I am using the 10 bands equalizer in my application and I noticed a behavior that seems
strange to me. When I send a 59 Hz test signal to the equalizer its
amplitude increases when I decrease band0 level. Is this the expected
behavior? I could reproduce this with the following commands:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc freq=59 ! equalizer-10bands band0=12 ! pulsesink

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc freq=59 ! equalizer-10bands band0=-24 !

I can hear a louder sound with the second command. I thought that the shelf
filter at 29 Hz would not affect higher frequencies. When the test signal
has a frequency of 29 Hz the sound amplitude decreases with band0 level as
I would expect. So it has something to do with the overlap between band0
and band1.

I am using gstreamer 1.12.0 on Arch Linux.

Thanks for your time


Prof.° Wellington Wallace Miguel Melo

CEFET/RJ Uned Nova Iguaçu
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