Transform plugin outbuf - plugin write problem

张若 zr92zr at
Mon May 15 14:04:25 UTC 2017


I am now writing a transform plugin for video stream.

When I use GstFlowReturn (*transform_ip) (GstBaseTransform *trans,
GstBuffer *buf), it works fine. Inside the function I do nothing to the
buffer. The ximagesink display is the camera capture.

Because of what I need is to change the buffer size, I come to GstFlowReturn
(*transform) (GstBaseTransform *trans, GstBuffer *inbuf, GstBuffer *outbuf).
In this function, I first do a simple test with copying inbuf to outbuf. I
check the data in outbuf which seems to be changed with camera captures.
However, the ximagesink display is always black. I don't know why. It
should be same to what I did in (*transform_ip), but not.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
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