GStreamer Java bindings update - gst1-java-core v0.9.1

Neil C Smith at
Wed Nov 8 17:37:23 UTC 2017

Hi All,

For those who are interested in the GStreamer Java bindings, just to let
you know that I've pushed the v0.9.1 release of gst1-java-core to Maven
Central (group id : org.freedesktop.gstreamer), and it's also up at

This release adds support for Device Probing, PlayBin methods for
querying/setting audio/text streams, and various lowlevel fixes.  Thanks
all who've contributed.

We're slowly making our way towards v1.0 and finishing off the job of
forking the old GStreamer-0.10 bindings.  The current code is stable and in
use in a variety of open-source and commercial projects - the 0.9.x version
is more to warn you that there might be the odd breaking change still.

If you're interested in getting involved in helping us get to v1.0, please
get in touch.  And if you're using the bindings commercially, or might do
so, and can sponsor features or need paid support, please also get in touch
- everything helps us get there!  I would really like to see if we can
speed up the process over the next few months.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Neil C Smith
Artist & Technologist

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