Getting "Erroneous pipeline: syntax error" in a pipeline that used to work

tgn1 tiagofariascabral at
Wed Nov 15 16:51:53 UTC 2017


I have the following pipeline that used to work just fine in the past, but
I've not been on this project since then, but now when I got to look at it
again, the same pipeline is giving me a "erroneous pipeline: syntax error"
message. Can you please take a look at it and try to find what is wrong with

gst-launch-1.0 -e v4l2src device=/dev/video1 \ ! video/x-h264, width=320,
height=240, framerate=24/1 ! h264parse ! tee name=myvid \ myvid. ! queue !
mux.video_0 \ pulsesrc
device=alsa_input.usb-046d_HD_Pro_Webcam_C920_35AF23BF-02.analog-stereo !
audio/x-raw,rate=44100,channels=2,depth=16 ! audioconvert ! voaacenc !
aacparse ! queue ! mux.audio_0 \ mp4mux name=mux ! filesink


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