mp4mux "moov-recovery-file" makes mp4 file non-readable for gstreamer and ffmpeg

alxg alxgag3 at
Wed Nov 15 16:17:20 UTC 2017

Hi, I´ve been working with recovery of mp4 files lately and I would like to
use the "moov-recovery-file" option in the mp4mux. This works well, BUT
after successfully stopping the recording a gstreamer/ffmpeg script is to
generate a thumbnail of the first frame in the video. But when I use the
"moov-recovery-file" option neither ffmpeg nor gstreamer can open the mp4
file anymore.  If I dont use the moov option the thumbnail succeeds. What
difference to the mp4 file structure does the moov-recovery-file do?

VLC on the other hand can play the mp4 files nicely. 


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