flush takes a long time

tonyl7126 tonyl7126 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 18:22:50 UTC 2017

I have a pipeline with an inputselector, output of the inputselector going
to an rtmpsink.  To avoid data stream errors I flush the pipeline each time
a new stream is selected as active.  Here is my code to flush:
    gboolean ret = FALSE;
    GstEvent *flush_start, *flush_stop;
    flush_start = gst_event_new_flush_start();
    flush_stop = gst_event_new_flush_stop(FALSE);
    ret = gst_element_send_event(GST_ELEMENT(self->pipeline), flush_start);
    if (!ret)
        NSLog(@"failed to send flush-start event");
    ret = gst_element_send_event(GST_ELEMENT(self->pipeline), flush_stop);
    if (!ret)
        NSLog(@"failed to send flush-stop event");

The trouble is, the longer the time between switching active streams, the
more of a pause there is when it is changed.  It seems as if the flushing
takes a long time in these cases.  1.) how would I go about verifying this? 
2.) what can be done to avoid this issue?


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