MJPG camera to hlssink

Dayle Hogg dayle at cygnusconnect.com
Mon Nov 20 02:50:34 UTC 2017

I’m probably the least knowledgeable on this mail list.  I just keep hitting things until they work.  


I’m using an rtsp source, so this might not help.  But try putting the element h264parse in front of mpegtsmux, which is required for what I’m doing.


Good luck.


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Hi Dayle,


I tried with the other values (below) and same result. Just one file and just keeps growing.

I let it run for about 2 minutes and still just one file.


My HLSSINK works fine with rtsp source. But I want to have http work also.






Hi Jerry,
Just some thoughts that might help.  Go with these numbers to get it up and running:
max-files=10                      Default is 10 and Wowza recommends you have a total of 50 seconds of video or # of files x duration.  
target-duration=3            Default is 15. I use 3 seconds and Wowza claims you can go as low as 0.5
playlist-length=3              Default is 5 and must be >=3 and I suspect this is your problem
check out https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-pantos-http-live-streaming-19#section-6.3.3 
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