Getting Rewind immediately on Rewind Playback.

DeepakRohan deepak027rohan077 at
Mon Nov 20 05:46:28 UTC 2017


     When performing rewind on IMX hardware with vpudec and imxvpudec video
decoders, I always get EOS message on pipeline without any video frames
being displayed on the video sink for Video formats other than H264.

My observation:- It looks like REWIND is currently working properly only for
H.264 video formats.
But it is not working for any other video formats.

Gstreamer versions where I have seen the above issues are: 1.4.5 and  1.6.3.
The vpu version is:
VPUDEC: 4.0.3
wrapper: 1.0.58
vpulib: 5.4.28

Please let me know any suggestions.

Thank You in Advance

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