multicast filesink and stream status

dkatz6 dkatz6 at
Mon Nov 20 15:20:03 UTC 2017

To anyone who can help,

I am using Gstreamer1.0 - 1.12.0. I'm having difficulties with the

1) I am trying to record a UDP multicast RTSP stream to a file using
splitmuxsink (muxer = mp4mux) and it doesnt seem to want to record to disk.
The RTSP communication itself seems fine it just does not want to create
and record to the file. I used filesink and it wasnt working either. Is
there a known problem with filesink and multicast? I cant find anything in
the forums talking about it.

2) I was wondering if you had a recommendation on how to go about getting
an asynchronous status of the RTSP stream from a C function perspective.
I've tried using discoverer and bus polling. Discoverer doesn't give me any
data and bus polling doesn't give me asynchronous functionality.
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