The caps-change-mode in Capsfilter

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Mon Nov 27 10:32:39 UTC 2017


I am using gstreamer 1.8.3. If I remember correct, previously, I can set
caps-change-mode to 1 (delay) for capsfilter.

However, now it shows:  'GstCapsFilter' has no property named
And when I check by gst-inspect-1.0 capsfilter:

Factory Details:
  Rank                     none (0)
  Long-name                CapsFilter
  Klass                    Generic
  Description              Pass data without modification, limiting formats
  Author                   David Schleef <ds at>

Plugin Details:
  Name                     coreelements
  Description              GStreamer core elements
  Version                  1.2.4
  License                  LGPL
  Source module            gstreamer
  Source release date      2014-02-18
  Binary package           GStreamer (Ubuntu)
  Origin URL


Pad Templates:
  SRC template: 'src'
    Availability: Always

  SINK template: 'sink'
    Availability: Always

Element Flags:
  no flags set

Element Implementation:
  Has change_state() function: gst_element_change_state_func

Element has no clocking capabilities.
Element has no URI handling capabilities.

  SINK: 'sink'
    Pad Template: 'sink'
  SRC: 'src'
    Pad Template: 'src'

Element Properties:
  name                : The name of the object
                        flags: readable, writable
                        String. Default: "capsfilter0"
  parent              : The parent of the object
                        flags: readable, writable
                        Object of type "GstObject"
  qos                 : Handle Quality-of-Service events
                        flags: readable, writable
                        Boolean. Default: false
  caps                : Restrict the possible allowed capabilities (NULL
means ANY). Setting this property takes a reference to the supplied GstCaps
                        flags: readable, writable

There is no caps-change-mode.

I also try to reinstall gstreamer-1.8.3 core plugins, but still cannot find

Thanks in advance!
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