Playback, custom video-sink, different videos give different colors

Paul Knopf pauldotknopf at
Wed Nov 29 08:05:04 UTC 2017

When I playback different videos, some videos are green, some display
normal, but have an occasional purple flicker.

My setup:

gstreamer 1.12.2
playerbin > video-sink (property) -> (identity > video_convert > capsfilter
> appsink)

I set the caps filter on my custom video-sink bin to be

I take the samples from appsink and render them in my Qt5 application.

QVideoSurfaceFormat format(QSize(status.width, status.height),

I've tried multiple combinations of "colorimetry" on my capsfilter in the
video-sink bin, each having similar effects.

Here are my two dot files to compare.

How do I get a consistent video-sink bin producing YUV buffers that behave
the same inside of Qt's rendering world?
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