Capturing video/audio from specific source

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Tue Nov 6 06:33:58 UTC 2018

*Q*: How to capture video and audio (from different sources) into single
What I mean by 'different sources': it is AVFoundation devices, we can list
them by execution the next command: ffmpeg -f avfoundation -list_devices
true -i "".

*What is being done*:
I tried to execute next command:
gst-launch-1.0 avfvideosrc -e device-index=0 !
video/x-raw,width=720,height=576 ! tee name=t t. ! queue ! osxvideosink
sync=false t. ! videoconvert ! vtenc_h264_hw realtime=true
max-keyframe-interval=5 ! queue ! mux. osxaudiosrc device=0 ! audioconvert !
avenc_aac ! queue ! mux. mp4mux name=mux ! filesink location='output.mp4',

but got error with description 'illegal instruction: 4'.

I found out that it's related to usage of plugin 'avenc_aac'. I tried to
change it to other plugin that use for audio encoding, but got other errors.

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