H264 NAL Unit Not Found Error

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Tue Nov 6 06:38:57 UTC 2018



We've using gstreamer to play and record h264 live video stream, but
recently we've encountered a problem during one of the tests.

The problem is that h264parse element sent an error message says that “H264
NAL Unit not found”. When we investigated the problem, we saw that in one of
the frames, consecutive bytes of 00s followed by 01 was taken as a new

However, in h264 protocol, it’s stated that in order to distinguish
consecutive 00s in the data from the start of the frame, third byte of 00s
should be changed with 03, we’re aware that this is a problem with encoding
the raw video.

However we were wondering if there is a way to go around this problem on the
gstreamer side.

You can find the related wireshark capture of the erroneous frame in the

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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