How to access SR/RR packets, NTP timestamps from RTCP packets in GStreamer-Python?

vk_gst venkateshkuppan26 at
Mon Nov 12 11:44:14 UTC 2018

I am trying to access the RTCP packet to retrieve the SR/RR packets, NTP
timestamp, etc. For this I added a probe on the RTCP receive sink (element
rtpbin), and I am able to get the callback for the probe. I am using
GStreamer-Python which gives me a callback with the following format : 
`public delegate PadProbeReturn PadProbeCallback (Pad pad, PadProbeInfo

1. From the `PadProbeInfo info`, I can retrieve the Gst.Buffer
2. However, I did not find a way to retrieve the RTCP packet info from this
buffer,. One way could be to map the Gst.Buffer to Gst.RTPC.buffer

1. I want to retrieve the NTP timestamp of video frames at the Rx end. So
far I could retrieve the RTP timestamp of each buffer I receive. 
2. I want to convert these(Tx) RTP to NTP timestamps, and later use the NTP
at Rx, to get a difference in timestamps in NTP unit. 
3. This would allow me to measure the delay between transmitting video frame
F1 and receiving video frame F1.  
4. I would also like to get the SR/RR info and use them for adaptive
bitstreaming of live video. 

Can anyone provide some pointers on how to receive these data from RTP/RTCP
in Python-GStreamer.


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