At which element's src pad in the pipeline, can the video frame be considered as one single independent video frame?

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Thu Nov 15 14:47:15 UTC 2018


In the following pipeline: 

udpsrc -> caps(rtp) -> rtpbin(recv_rtp_sink) -> rtph264depay -> h264parse ->
avdec_h264 -> autovideosink

The srcpad of rtph264depay and h264parse provides data of type -

At which element's src pad, is one complete video frame available that can
be considered as an independent unit? 

1. at udpsrc and rtpbin, several packets belonging to one frame, or other
frames are received and a probe with GST_BUFFER_PUSH cannot be considered as
a single independent frame.
2. Definitely, the src-pad of avdec_h264 gives out video frame of different
formats like RGB,YUV, etc. 

But I was wondering if this information of a single independent frame is
available at the srcpads of rtph264pay or h264parse. Could these data stream
at the srcpads of rtph264depay or h264parse be considered as a single frame
data? I am assuming here that a single buffer push corresponds to a single
frame here in this context. 

The reason, I want this info is that I want to add a probe and be notified
at the instant a complete independent frame is available to my application. 


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