Problems updating from 1.4.4 to 1.15

TheGiamig thegiamig at
Mon Nov 19 08:10:10 UTC 2018

Philippe Normand wrote
> Like in 1.4.x. This hasn't changed. So you likely have an issue with
> your local 1.15 installation. Try to inspect the .so file directly, it
> might give you some hints on which symbols are not correctly resolved.
> Philippe
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After some investigations I found a weird behaviour of gst-inspect:
"gst-inspect-1.0 myplugin" : no output
"gst-inspect-1.0 myplugin | cat" : prints as expected

I catched the problem thanks to your hints, I activated some debug prints
and redirect outputs on a file..
It seems there is an issue with stdout or something, resolved using any sort
of redirection.
Maybe is related to the "uninstalled" gstreamer, I will investigate deeper.

Thanks Philippe.

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