Create GStreamer plugin in VisualStudio 2015

Sharden vickarchuck at
Fri Nov 30 09:02:58 UTC 2018

Thank you for your answer!
Including additional prop files didnt help much and config.h wasn't found.

I've created my own definitions of VERSION and PACKAGE variables and
everything was built successfully.

However I am not able to discover my new plugin with gst-inspect tool. I
assume it should be discoverable, isn't it?

I placed my dll plugin file directly in the GST_PLUGIN_PATH directory
(%GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_X86_64%\lib\gstreamer-1.0 in my case) and tried to
launch gst-inspect (from %GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_X86_64%\bin directory)
providing it with the name of my plugin. I also tried the description of the
plugin and the name of the dll file where the plugin is stored. No success.
I assume that I've built the plugin wrong.

Does anyone know what can possibly lead to that?

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