Best way to get at least 1.14.2 on Raspberry Pi?

Dominik Röttsches d-r at
Wed Sep 5 12:27:10 UTC 2018


I am working on a WebRTC experiment on a Raspberry Pi using the 
gstreamer Python bindings. Since there is a bug in gstreamer versions 
before 1.14.2 that causes a double free when using the full 
PeerConnection like webrtc flow in Python, I need at least this version.

However, the gstreamer version on Debian stretch is 1.10.2 - way too 

Things I've tried:

1) Looking at Deb Multimedia packages, but it doesn't have 1.14.2 for 
Debian stretch.

2) I tried running the cerbero build on the Raspberry itself, which is 
very slow and I kept running into small build failures. Working around 
each of those and restrating the $ cerbero package gstreamer-1.0 has not 
gotten me there yet.

3) I tried an armhf cross compilation on an X86 Ubuntu 18.04 system, 
which perhaps builds but does not succeed in packaging .deb files that I 
can use on the RPI.

4) I am now working on a docker image using the resin 
raspberrypi:stretch image and run the cross compilation "natively" 
inside that image using their qemu-based emulation approach using RUN 
) - this is a bit better in terms of build performance, and it gets 
relatively far but I still have some build failures using cerbero, that 
I am still working around (for example, even though I have install 
libx11-dev the cebero build complains it can't find the x11 dependency, 
similar for OpenGL). I have now added "nogl" and "nox11" to the cerbero 
variants and I am observing the next build. The roundtrip time here is 
very long as well.

What would you suggest to get a recent, i.e. at least 1.14.2, binary on 
the Raspberry Pi?

Thank you very much for your suggestions,


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