Best way to get at least 1.14.2 on Raspberry Pi?

Dominik Röttsches d-r at
Wed Sep 5 17:18:26 UTC 2018

Hi Vincenzo,

> On 5. Sep 2018, at 17:02, Vincenzo Bono <vincenzo.bono at> wrote:
> I was not looking into creating a full .deb for the Raspian ARM, just to build a local working environment... maybe we could team up in finding and fixing the small issues there, submitting patches (?

I am happy to work on this together, should we continue with 4)?

My files and attempt are here: <>

Feel free to contribute with PRs or let’s use this to find out what is going wrong in the cerbero / meson build. Probably we should add something to the Dockerfile to ensure we’re checking out the same cerbero revision. Otherwise this should be pretty reproducible.

What do you think? Can you run this?


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