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On Fri, 7 Sep 2018 at 14:43, Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas at> wrote:
> Le ven. 7 sept. 2018 09:27, Shubham Shrivastava <shubham333vm at> a écrit :
>> I am having problem in configuration with Gstreamer in net beans for Java code.
>> Please provide Java code as there are complete tutorials in C language.
> This is quite a large request. As a first step, we would need to finish the integration the of Java binding into GStreamer project. Would you like to take part of this community effort. You can find the details here:

Assuming the bindings are what is meant here, and not the Java Android
tutorials?  In which case, you might be better using our mailing list

We've had a few releases since that post, and I'm hoping to get a v1.0
release done by the GStreamer conference.

I have (somewhat unintentionally! ;-) ) ended up being the primary
maintainer of the bindings, and I'm also involved with the Apache
NetBeans projects, as is at least one other person I can think of on
our list - so hopefully we can help you out with this.

> If you look at the community binding project, you'll see that there is quite some cleanup action in the issue list. While there is a test folder, there isn't any port of the tutorials for this language.

There are examples, although not as many as the old GStreamer 0.10
bindings.   They were moved to  The project
always had its own set of examples rather than ports of the existing

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