Decoding h264 streamed through a named pipe

Benjamin Rapaport brapaport at
Tue Sep 11 12:00:45 UTC 2018

Neither the process writing to the input pipe nor the process reading from
the output pipe are finishing. They both write/read as long as the pipe is
open on the other end - the other end being gstreamer. For instance, using
named pipes for input and output via this same routine with ffmpeg works,
and ffmpeg does not complete until I close the pipes. It waits for more
data and continues to decode.

On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 7:48 AM Arjen Veenhuizen <arjen at>

> On the OS level, the pipe will be closed when the sending process is
> finished. This will inevitably result in an EOF on the named pipe, causing
> your second pipeline to go into EOS and stop.
> I once had the same problem and ended up writing a small named pipe proxy
> script in python which basically kept the second fifo open if the first one
> closed. After the first one closed, the named pipe proxy script would
> immediately restart reading on the named pipe again.
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