Live recorded MP4(h264+mp3) video file can't be seek to play in gstreamer on PC

rickyqiqi rickyqiqi at
Fri Sep 21 10:03:21 UTC 2018

Here I'd like to mention about some additional information about the attached
video file mentioned in my 1st mail:
Because the attached video file is just about several 10 MB, this file can
somehow be seekable in my gstreamer based program. But it will not
immediately play the video frame I seek to play. Most of the time it will
wait for a while until it can play a screen. Most of the time the played
screen frame is just the later frames of the video, not I desire to play
one. (Unlike it is in VCL, when I point to a desired video seek postion, it
plays immediately the video frame I desire to play. )
And when the video file is a long time video, such as a 15 minutes long
video, it will not play a seeked screen.

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