Custom AudioSrc for playing indexed sounds

TheGiamig thegiamig at
Tue Sep 25 12:01:43 UTC 2018

I derived from GstAudioSrc and tried to just push out some silence.
A simple pipeline: mysrc ! fakesink seems to be working (logs say:
PREROLLING NOT NEEDED and then enter in PLAYING state) but I added some
traces to understand the call sequence and I can see only _open/_close
What I need to do to allow calls to _prepare/_read etc..
My element is just some boilerplate code + some near-to-empty function
callbacks to implement the base class.
Probably I misunderstand something but is not so simple to write the right
code just starting from other projects on internet.
Where I can find ad example about the silence. And what about an example
explaining how to manage the buffer timestamps and offset?

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