Means of visualizing/rendering IMU in GStreamer

vk_gst venkateshkuppan26 at
Fri Sep 21 10:53:47 UTC 2018


I am looking for a means to visualize Inertial Measurement Data (IMU) in
GStreamer, to get an idea about the orientation of IMU. I am interested only
in the roll, yaw and pitch values provided by IMU. My IMU device already
provides me these 3 values, and then I need a mechanism to visualize it on
the screen. 
Here is an example :  IMU <>  

1. I have no experience with using Graphics on GStreamer. Can anyone point
out to some existing solutions with GStreamer that I can use to get  a
visualization as in the video above?  

2. Can GTK+ be used for such a solution? If yes, then how should I proceed
with it? 

I would prefer using Python Bindings for GStreamer, so some solution that is
compatible with it.  


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