recording video using gstreamer valve

laxman glaxman1992 at
Thu Sep 27 13:56:34 UTC 2018

I am working with gstreamer from last few months. I got one problem during
recording of udpsrc video by using gstreamer valve. By default valve
property is "false". means it redirects streaming data into the file. i want
to record video using qt application when press the record option. for that
i am making by default valve drop=true to stop recording. when i press the
start record, in that i am making valve drop=false to record and stop record
to making drop=true.

If i am making valve default set to drop=true (bcz i dont want to record
data immediately). if i am setting valve drop=true. the recorded file is not
playable. something corrupted.. if am removing drop property to false(it is
by default). then recording is fine and i am able to play the video too...

I wanted use in qt creator. what is wrong with by default setting to

please help.....

Thank you,


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