How to encode timestamp into each frame of a RTSP stream

Michael MacIntosh mmacintosh at
Thu Dec 12 21:58:16 UTC 2019

The best thing I can think of is a variant on your idea, but to employ a 
second stream that has your metadata in a binary format, loaded in an 
appsrc, and then use rtpvrawpay to payload it for the rtsp server.  I am 
not sure what would be the "proper" way to send this kind of 
information.  The drawback is you would have to have metadata for every 
frame, but it would at least hopefully be fairly synchronized.

I have seen datastreams in the wild, just haven't had the need to 
implement one myself. So there is probably a cleaner implementation.

On 12/11/2019 2:24 PM, k4ustav wrote:
> Thanks Michael for your reply. I am trying to send two parallel streams. One
> video stream and another metadata stream. The metadata stream contains
> metadata for each video frame, for example, inference data for each video
> frame. The framerates for both the streams are same.
> To implement this, I thought to send the metadata through normal sockets and
> video stream through the GStreamer RTSP server. To sync the video frame and
> per-frame metadata at the client I am planning to use timestamp. Because of
> this, I am planning to send timestamps along with the video frame.
> But if you can suggest a better way or example to do this, it would be
> really helpful.
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