rtsp to hlssink with audio

Rand Graham rand.graham at zenith.com
Wed Dec 18 17:17:49 UTC 2019

I don’t know why you are not getting audio.

I did want to make a note on the queue element. My understanding of the queue element is as follows.

1)      It creates a new thread.

2)      Data must fill the buffer in the queue element before it can flow through the rest of the pipeline. This could impact your pipeline.

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So I tried a couple things.

1) removed the extra aacparse.
2) changed to use decodebin for the audio (the extra queue items are just space fillers, I presume they dont matter).
3) tried to look at playbin output | grep "creating element". It basically showed the elements I was using were correct.

gst-launch-1.0 mpegtsmux name=m ! hlssink playlist-root=/ location=hlssink.camera.1636.%05d.ts target-duration=1 max-files=3 playlist-length=2 playlist-location=playlist.camera.1636.m3u8 rtspsrc latency=0 location=rtsp://<> name=d d. ! rtph264depay ! h264parse config-interval=-1 ! queue ! m. d. ! decodebin ! queue ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! audiorate ! avenc_aac bitrate=96000 compliance=-2 ! queue ! m.
I am not seeing why the audio is not working here. Again playbin output to my LCD works just fine with video and audio.

Thanks for the suggestions. I could not try the other pipeline as my computer did not have those elements.

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