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  ICAD 2020

      Call for Submission of Papers, Extended Abstracts, Workshops, and

    26th International Conference on Auditory Display

    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

    June 7-11, 2020


Sound is used in a wide variety of applications to alert listeners to 
the status of a person or environment. At ICAD 2020, we want to 
highlight sonification work that is used to maintain awareness in some 
capacity (outside navigation, hospitals, air traffic control, etc). 
Papers are not limited to this theme, as we will value and embrace all 
types of submissions, including papers, posters, multimedia 
(videos/audios), demos, and concert pieces.

First held in 1992, ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary academic 
conference with relevance to researchers, practitioners, musicians, and 
students interested in the design of sounds to support tasks, improve 
performance, guide decisions, augment awareness, and enhance 
experiences. It is unique in its singular focus on auditory displays and 
the array of perception, technology, and application areas that this 
encompasses. Like its predecessors, ICAD 2020 will be a single-track 
conference, open to all, with no membership or affiliation requirements.

ICAD 2020, the 26th International Conference on Auditory Display, will 
be held at the University of Florida, June 7 to 11, 2020. The graduate 
student ThinkTank (doctoral consortium) will be held on Sunday, June 7,  
before the main conference.


The ICAD 2020 committee is seeking papers and extended abstracts that 
will contribute to knowledge of how sonification can support awareness 
in various contexts. For details on topics of interest, proposal format, 
submission instructions, and additional conference information please 
visit http://icad2020.icad.org, where details will be updated as they 
are made available.


ICAD workshops and tutorials provide in-depth opportunities for 
conference attendees to discuss and explore important aspects of the 
field of auditory display with like-minded researchers and 
practitioners. Sessions can range from applications and programming 
methodologies to interdisciplinary research skills, emerging research 
areas, and challenge problems, to sonification/compositional Maker-sessions.



    Monday,March 2,2020 - Deadline for submission of full papers


    Monday, March 9,2020- Deadline for submission of workshops and tutorials


    Monday, March 9,2020- Deadline for submission to student think tank


    Monday, April 6,2020- Deadline for submission to sonification
    concert and installations


    Friday, April 10, 2020 - Notification of decisions


    Monday,April 20, 2020- Extended abstract submission(some full paper
    submissions may be recommended for the extended abstract category)

Papers Chair - Bruce Walker - icad2020papers at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020papers at icad.org>

Workshop Chair -  Derek Brock - icad2020workshops at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020workshops at icad.org>

Sponsorship Chair - Myounghoon (Philart) Jeon - 
icad2020sponsorship at icad.org <mailto:icad2020sponsorship at icad.org>

Think Tank Chair - Areti Andreopoulou - icad2020thinktank at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020thinktank at icad.org>

Communications Chair - Katie Wolf - icad2020accessibility at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020accessibility at icad.org>

Steering Chair - Matti Gröhn - icad2020steering at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020steering at icad.org>

Conference Chair - Kyla McMullen - icad2020chair at icad.org 
<mailto:icad2020chair at icad.org>


Kyla McMullen

Chair of ICAD 2020: http://icad2020.icad.org



Kyla McMullen, PhD| Assistant Professor
University of Florida
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
E301 CSE Bldg
P.O. Box 116120
Gainesville, FL 32611
Web - http://www.kylamcmullen.com
Appointments - http://calendly.com/kyla-mcmullen

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